CORE Organic Plus: European organic research projects in food and farming systems 2015-2018

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Symposium on soil health and strategies to restore optimal soil functionality

2018.01.03 | Events

Join the upcomming workshop in ReSolVe on restoring optimal soil functionality.

Fig 1: Example of a choice set used in the discrete choice experiment

Air or microwave dried strawberries: What do consumers prefer?

2017.12.07 | Agriculture and food

Consumers in Norway, Romania and Turkey prefer strawberries that are air dried to those that are microwave dried. They are also more attracted to cheaper, domestically produced strawberries, than those that come from Europe.

Summer School: Sustainable Soil Management in Viticulture

2017.12.06 | Agriculture and food

The project ReSolVe recently organized a summer school on innovative techniques for sustainable soil management in viticulture.






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