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CORE Organic Plus: European organic research projects in food and farming systems 2015-2018

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The tea bag technique can be used to demonstrate the pace of decomposition in different types of soil.

FertilCrop - investigating the significance of soil quality

2016.12.02 | Research news

In the Core Organic Plus project, FertilCrop, the focus is on weeds as indicators of changes in soil conditions. It is useful to know how certain management changes suppress or change the abundance of weeds.

Video: Benefits of moving beyond national realm

2016.12.01 | Agriculture and food

In these videos, Jan Tind Sørensen and Andreas Fliessbach summarize the benefits and most important aspects of being a project leader in CORE Organic.

Video: Organic market growth with integrity and trust - values based marketing

2016.11.24 | Agriculture and food

In HealthyGrowth, eighteen mid-scale and four regional organic value chains have been investigated in order to identify the success factors to combine values and increasing volumes.






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