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CORE Organic Plus: European organic research projects in food and farming systems 2015-2018

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Crop diversity prevents serious weed problems

2016.05.06 | Research news

Weed management in organic crop production could benefit from more diversification of today’s cropping systems. However, the potential of diversification needs better documentation and solid suggestions for employment in practise must be identified.

Is it really organic? – New analytical methods to discriminate between organic and conventional crops

2016.05.06 | Research news

The project AuthenticFood (2011-2015) developed and tested a wide range of analytical methods for their ability to discriminate organic and conventional plant products. The researchers concluded that plants contain unique chemical fingerprints from their growth environment including the soil mineralogy and fertilization history.

Ladybird larva in an aphid colony

EcoOrchard - Innovative design and management to boost functional biodiversity of organic orchards

2016.05.04 | Research news

Functional agrobiodiversity (FAB) uses orchard design and management to gain more natural enemies, making orchards more robust to pests. This CORE Organic Plus project aims to collect existing knowledge and generate new knowledge in order to use FAB successfully in orchards.



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