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CORE Organic Plus: European organic research projects in food and farming systems 2015-2018

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2-Org-Cows: Reformulation of breeding goals

2017.04.12 | Agriculture and food

Conventional breeding and selection strategies of dairy cows generated a cow type that does not match the organic and low-input production criteria. Therefore, the 2-Org-Cows project focusses on the reformulation of existing dairy cattle breeding goals. Furthermore, the project addresses the use of local dual-purpose cattle that historically…

SusOrganic at the Nordic Baltic Drying Conference in Hamburg

2017.04.12 | Agriculture and food

In June 2017, the 2nd Nordic Baltic Drying Conference welcomes stakeholders from industry and research in Hamburg, Germany. SusOrganic partners will present challenges and solutions in drying and cooling of organic products.

EBIO-Network – a new knowledge platform on functional agrobiodiversity in European Orchards

2017.03.22 | Agriculture and food

The project EcoOrchard aims to collect existing knowledge and to generate new knowledge on how to successfully maintain or promote Functional Agrobiodiversity (FAB) in orchards. Therefore, it has established the knowledge portal EBIO-Network. The portal connects European fruit growers with stakeholders from research, advisory services and other…






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